This site was built by Greg Vondruska. It is meant to bring together and promote cartoonists in the Tampa Bay area. Are you a cartoonist? Email me at gvondruska at

by Jason Franks and Marc Schmidt

comics by Greg Vondruska

comics by Sara Rosenbaum

Tampa Bay cartoonists:
Lou Copeland
Mike Maihack
Greg Vondruska
Dan Boyd
Sara Rosenbaum

Robert Rhine
Jason Franks

Jim Fern

Josh Sullivan

Fran Matera
Website I built for Fran Matera, a friend who had been drawing comic strips since the 1940's! Check out the site.

Jason Maranto

Victor Claudio

Paul Houston

Orlando cartoonists:
Blue Rose Studios
Read the great Same Old Story by Steven Mangold and Nathan Wiedemer


Joel Carroll
A New anthology of robot comics and prose by local artists and writers, as well as some other great talents! Coming soon...
Busting out of
St. Pete it's the Maniacal Smile